Wedding Clink App for iPhone and iPod Touch
At many weddings, the guests clink their champagne glasses as a signal for the bride and groom to kiss. Now you can clink just by shaking your iPhone!
This app allows guests to display a congratulatory message, choose a background photo, clink their iPhones, and then immediately capture a picture of the results!

-    Clink the glass
-    Take pictures
-    Choose a different background picture
-    Change the messages

1. Icon & Title Page

2. Default Congratulations Page
You have 4 options:
  • Clink: Enters clink noise making mode.
  • Take Picture: Enter camera mode. (Note: iPod Touch users will not see the "Take Picture" button.)
  • Background: Choose a picture from your image library as the background.
  • Text: Change the displayed text.

3. Clink Mode
Shake the iPhone from side to side, as if you were swinging a spoon against a champagne glass.
If the bride and groom kiss, enter the camera mode via the "Take Picture" button. You can still shake to clink while in camera mode.

4. Change Background
Click the "Background" button to choose a different photo from your device's library.

5. Text Mode
Enter the text mode to personalize the default text.

If you've already changed the background, then it will be shown in the Text screen.

6. The new text is displayed on the Congratulations and Clink pages.


I hope you enjoy the app! Please let me know if you experience any bugs or have any suggestions!
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